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Bamboo Kids provides early interventions for special needs that encourage your child’s drive to engage with life and people in their environment in a positive, meaningful way.

Bamboo Kids was built on a strong belief that quality early educational programs have the power to change lives. They can scaffold a deep change within children and their families by providing intensive one-on-one intervention. At Bamboo Kids, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for families, ensuring they are supported holistically both at home and at school.

Bamboo Kids’ founder Rhia Fenech moved to South Africa from Australia in 2011, and envisioned a high quality practice that could provide families with programs and therapists at international standards. She envisaged a team that parents would feel safe with, a team that could push and develop their children in a way that was both intensive but also fun and meaningful.

To date Bamboo Kids has played a very honoured role in many families’ lives. The children that we see have taught us so many valuable things which we cherish and they continue to challenge us as therapists to create the best programs and learning environment for them.

Rhia Fenech

The Team

Meet the team helping families one child at a time.

Rhia Fenech

Rhia Fenech

Mia Taljaard

Mia Taljaard

Practice Manager
Natacha Gaud

Natacha Gaud

Early Intervention Therapist
Faeeza Joowalay

Faeeza Joowalay

Early Intervention Therapist
Candi Wymers

Candi Wymers

Early intervention Therapist
Tanya De Vries

Tanya De Vries

Early intervention Therapist

Our Services

Early Childhood Developmental Screening

Early detection of developmental delays is a vital tool, along with early intervention therapy to foster the best possible outcome for success in children.

An initial Early Childhood Developmental Screening is an opportunity for us to consult with parents about concerns they may have about their child’s current development or behaviour. It also gives us the opportunity to answer any questions parents may have or advise them if they are in need of guidance.


  • Multidisciplinary Developmental Assessment

    The multidisciplinary developmental assessment is a full clinical assessment of motor, speech, language, communication, behavioural, sensory and developmental function. The assessment is carried out by an Occupational Therapist, Speech-Language Therapist and an Early Intervention Specialist. This assessment package includes a 2-hour assessment, a comprehensive report which includes recommendations for therapies, home and school; and a 1 hour parent meeting to discuss the findings and recommendations.

  • Autism Intervention Assessment

    The autism intervention assessment is a full clinical assessment of motor, speech/language, communication, behavioral, sensory and developmental function, specific to children with autism spectrum disorder or early signs of ASD. The assessment is carried out by an Occupational therapist, Speech – language Therapist and an Early Intervention Specialist. This assessment package includes the 2 hours assessment, a comprehensive report which includes recommendations around therapies, schooling and any other forms of early intervention; and a 1 hour parent meeting to discuss the findings and recommendations.

Please contact us regarding any other assessment packages.

Early Intervention Therapy

Early Intervention Therapy can take place in the home, preschool or school or both. Often a mixture of these will be used to ensure that skills are generalised across settings and to assist schools and preschools in supporting your child to the best of their ability. Home-based sessions can be arranged in certain areas of Johannesburg North. If you would like sessions outside of our travel areas please contact us for a pricing quote.

Centre based: Our offices are located at LEAD Kids in Parkmore. One of the advantages of having centre based sessions is that we are able to merge some of the session time with the class time of the school. This is a great stepping stone for children who would benefit from the social interaction however are not yet ready for group-based learning.

School Facilitator: Many children require additional facilitation for part or all of their school day. This may be in the form of full chid facilitation, teacher support, social skills support & behaviour/ anxiety management.

Intervention programs: These are specifically designed for your child and may utilise all or some of the above types of intervention. Programs are individually designed depending on your child’s needs: academically, behaviourally and emotionally.

Social Skills Training

Social Skills Training sessions are for children who become uncomfortable and stressed in social situations. These children may be able to cope in academic situations and attend a preschool, mainstream, remedial or special school yet struggle to play or maintain friendships.

Individualised Education Programs (IEPs)

Some children’s programs will cover a range of individual areas that are specific to their needs. If this is the case a detailed Individualised Education Program will be developed for your child and the time it will take.

Anxiety Management

Anxiety in children can be a barrier to learning which is why anxiety management is so important.

This program is based on research conducted and published internationally by Monash University, Australia. Anxiety classes follow the Cool Kids Program for preschool and school aged children.

At our Preschool, the anxiety program is 7 weeks. The Cool Kids anxiety program for children aged 7-12 years runs for 12 weeks.

Early Intervention Satellite Program

We offer a Early Intervention Satellite Program for families that are not in the north of Johannesburg and therefore not able to access our services. We have a number of families in Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe as well as other parts of South Africa. Our programs have the same level of quality as our in-person services and it is expected that parents and facilitators will have the same level of commitment to ensure the results needed for their child’s development.

The following areas are included in the Satellite Program:

  • Monthly case meeting with family and facilitator - this is conducted via Skype/ FaceTime.
  • Unlimited liaisons with parents including emails, and whatsapp.
  • Supervision of facilitator which includes the following:
    • Video submitted once a month of child - this is viewed to ensure progress is being made. Feedback is given to facilitator.
    • Once a month facilitator meeting - conducted via Skype/ FaceTime.

The Satellite Program is charged on a monthly basis and must be paid in advance. There are 3 options for payment; 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

Training for parents or facilitator:

  • Day 1 - Theory of early intervention & Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Day 2 - Practical
  • Day 3 Practice & Program set up

It is also recommended that parents do an early intervention and autism spectrum disorders workshop to ensure they are engaged with their child’s intervention program.

Time Cost Includes
Parent ASD & EI workshop 1 Day R1,500 ASD & Early Intervention workshop
Faciliator Training 3 days R3,500 Manual
Day 1 - Theory
Day 2 - Practical
Day 3 - Practice & Program set up/ development
Once off program fee R1000 Programming manual
Program folder
Program design
Satellite Program (per month) 1 x family case meeting Unlimited liaisons with parents (via email & whatsapp)
1 x supervision meeting with facilitator + video submission.
R1,000 per month There are 3 options for payment:
3 months
6 months
1 year

Special Needs Courses & Training

Please contact the practice for more information and prices on our Special Needs Courses & Training.

  • Early Intervention Training (3 day training)
  • School Facilitator Traininng (2 day training)
  • Parent Workshop (2 hours):
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Developmental Delays
    • Managing your child’s intervention program


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Autism Parent Network N/A Paula Eaton:        082 550 2355
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079 021 7828
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